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Dr. Gitanjali B. Baveja MD
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Eye Care Review provides an objective rating of Eye Care providers based on value. The factors included in determining value include consumer reviews, price, web accessability and more.


Quality Eye Glasses start with a quality exam. Use our map to find a practice in your area that provides high quality services.

In general, Optometrist will conduct a comprehensive eye exam and refraction (vision test), while an Optician will help with eye glass selection and fitting. Many locations have both Optometrist and Opticians on sight. Ophthalmologists usually treat eye disease or injury and perform Lasik and other procedures.

Looking at eye care providers in general, we see that independent eye doctors tend to provide better services than do large retail chains, however, with the advent of new diagnostic technology, this is not always the case. If you select a retail chain, make sure you look at the ratings of the retail location that you will be visiting. The quality of service can vary within the retail chain.


Vision Insurance is often provided by your employer in addition to other health insurance coverage. Additionally, many people purchase vision insurance on their own.

Check with your doctor to verify your insurance is accepted before you make an appointment and make sure you understand exactly what is covered by your insurance, some plans only cover exams while others may only pay for a portion of your eye glasses.

VSP is the largest provider of Vision Insurance in the United States. VSP also owns Optical Laboratories that produce finished eye glasses. Often, VSP often provides discounts on their branded lenses to VSP members, further reducing the cost of your eyewear. Example: (Save up to 50% on UNITY® Lenses in High Definition!)

Talk to your optician about your insurance options and how they compare to any other practice promotions. The optician will consider your prescription and your lifestyle and will be in the best position to recommend you the best value for your needs.

Below is a list of the larger Vision Insurance Providers:

AlwaysCare Benefits
Davis Vision
EyeMed Vision Care
HumanaVision Vision Care Plan (VCP)
National Vision Administrators (NVA)
Superior Vision
UnitedHealthcare Vision

Buy Online

We always recommend that you buy your eye glasses from the same practice that provides your eye exam.

Sometimes this is not possible because of the high prices and lack of frame selection often associated with brick and mortar locations. If you elect to purchase eye glasses on line there are a few things you should know:

Federal law requires that the Optometrist provide you with a prescription after your eye exam so be sure to obtain a physical or electronic copy of you prescription BEFORE leaving the office. You must have this prescription to order RX eye glasses online.

Make sure you get your PD measurement before you leave the practice. The PD is the distance between the pupils measured from the center of your nose. If the PD is not on your prescription, the Optician should be able to take the measurement. You MUST have an accurate PD measurement to order eye glasses online or you may be disappointed with the quality of sight once you receive your glasses.

Don't expect to buy high quality eye glasses for only a few dollars. Each pair of RX Eye Glasses is custom built for each patient. The eye glasses are built in an optical laboratory and should be made of quality Fames and Lenses by highly trained professionals. You should expect significant savings when buying online, but you still need to pay for quality.

Once you receive your glasses, they may need to be adjusted by a local Optician. You may be charged for adjustments if you bought the eye glasses from an online retailer.

MOST current online retailers do not provide good quality products. Please check each online retailer‘s reviews before you order any eye glasses from their web site.

There are only two online retailers that we can recommend:
Visit, and save and Extra 20% off frames for VSP Members.
If you are not a VSP member, visit They always provide good quality products at reasonable prices.

In addition, we recommend that you look at online retailers Frame selection and pricing prior to going to your local eye doctor. This will let you know if your local practice has reasonable pricing or if they are over charging for products.

Rebates and Coupons

Lens manufacturers and Labs sometimes offer valuable rebates to consumers.

Essilor is currently offering rebates up to $90.00 for many of their products. Please talk to the doctor or optician to find the best products for you. If you choose Essilor, their rebate form is available at

Below is a list of near by eye care providers. Please check the list to see if any offer coupons or other discounts.

Ashburn Eyecare Associates PC
44050 Ashburn Village Blvd
Ashburn VA 20147

Visual Health Doctors of Optometry
19825 Belmont Chase Dr
Ashburn VA 20147

Loudoun Eye Associates
43480 Yukon Dr
Ashburn VA 20147

21001 Sycolin Rd
Ashburn VA 20147

Ashburn Vision Source
44075 Pipeline Plaza
Ashburn VA 20147

Acuity Vision Care
20600 Gordon Park Square
Ashburn VA 20147

Lifetime Vision and Contacts
44345 Premier Plaza
Ashburn VA 20147

Dr. Gitanjali B. Baveja MD
21785 Filigree Ct
Ashburn VA 20147

Loudoun Eye Care
21785 Filigree Ct
Ashburn VA 20147

Dr. Steven R. Bullard MD
21785 Filigree Ct
Ashburn VA 20147

Clary Eye Associates PLLC
20070 Ashbrook Commons Plz 186
Ashburn VA 20147

InSight Eye Optique
42395 Ryan Rd
Ashburn VA 20148